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About Us

Bridge Data Centres Malaysia Sdn Bhd (formerly known as CSF CX Sdn Bhd) was incorporated on 27 September 2007. Bridge Data Centres Malaysia Sdn Bhd was acquired by Bridge Data Centres Malaysia Holdings Sdn Bhd in November 2017, which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of BDC (Malaysia) Holdco Pte. Ltd, Bridge Data Centres is founded by Michael Foust and Kris Kumar who collectively have more than 50 years experience investing in, conceptualizing, designing, building and operating high quality data centre facilities, with best-in-class operating and maintenance procedures to ensure the highest level of uptime and reliability. The Bridge Data Centres team has executed in excess of US$ 10 billion of transactions investing in, and growing data centre platforms and providing resilient and scalable data centre facilities to customers across multiple industry sectors, including financial institutions, technology companies, government and more recently large cloud services providers in Asia Pacific and globally.

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    Headed by a regional management team of industry veterans

    The Bridge Data Centres management team has significant experience in the data centre industry across all functions from investment to design, build and operations

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    Track record in data centre acquisition & development

    Deep experience and expertise in investigating and concluding large data centre transactions, site acquisition, authority approvals, design, construction and operations, having invested more than $10 billion in this asset class globally

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    Access to capital and structuring experience

    Extensive access to investment capital with significant structuring experience to manage investment risk across the asset lifecycle

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    Speed of execution and efficient capital deployment

    Rapid due diligence of assets and smart conceptualisation of data centre developments, resulting in shortened transaction timelines and optimised capital spend, with a strong focus on the resiliency and reliability objectives of the customer

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    Deep customer insights

    Decades of experience interacting with customers and end-users across all functions in the data centre industry allowing the team to generate deep foresight into changing customer needs

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    Significant value-add through operations

    25-year track record in operating data centres with the ability to set up best-in-class operations and maintenance procedures to ensure the highest levels of uptime and reliability